Water from Edmonton is boosted by electrically-driven pumps at the boundary pumping station along Highway 2 south, roughly 1 km south of the City of Edmonton.

The transmission main from the boundary pump station supplies water to the City of Leduc with lateral mains feeding Beaumont, Calmar, Leduc County, New Sarepta, Hay Lakes, Armena, Millet and the EIA. The amount of pressure supplied by the booster pumps depends upon demand, which varies based on reservoir levels at the different municipalities. The current transmission system is pictured to the right.


Interactive Map

Member municipalities can click here to access an interactive web map, which is a helpful tool to help members comply with the Water Supply Policy. Requests for access can be sent to CRSWSCManager@leduc.ca and will only be provided to municipal staff of CRSWSC members.

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system is designed to provide operating information and control capability for the water transmission system. This is performed through a communication system link between the 14 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) located at each of the fill station sites, the booster station and the boundary station.

The host PLC, located at the boundary pumping station, collects data from each site and transfers new data to the PLCs as required. Endpoint adjustment, such as starting of pumps and modulating of valves, is performed by the onsite PLCs upon receipt of command from the host PLC.

Communication between all 14 water commission sites is performed by a UHF radio system installed within each station. There is almost a constant feedback of information occurring between the radios and host PLC. Examples of information being transmitted include:

  • Present pressures
  • Flow rates
  • Flow totaling
  • Alarms when occurring
  • Control valve positions
  • Reservoir levels
  • Chlorine residuals

The host PLC receives commands from the human machine interface (HMI) located at the boundary pumping facility. The HMI displays and communicates all SCADA related events for commission operators.
Total flow received from Edmonton is compiled by the EPCOR’s master meter, which is situated in the boundary station. This meter is owned by EPCOR and is serviced on site.

A magnetic flow meter keeps a record of water leaving the boundary station into the commission’s supply line. Each fill station contains a magnetic flow meter which relays flow rates and totals instantaneously to the main controlling facility.

The map to the right shows the EPCOR Capital Region Water Service Area.