About Us

The Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission is a model of regional cooperation providing services to the City of Leduc, Town of Beaumont, Town of Calmar, Leduc County, Village of Hay Lakes, Camrose County, Town of Millet and the Edmonton International Airport. The Commission was established on September 1st, 1984, with the objective to provide wholesale water services to its member municipalities and to provide water services to other customers on such terms and conditions as the Commission may determine.

The Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission is one of the entities that purchase water directly from EPCOR (the City of Edmonton) and comprise the Regional Water Customers Group. EPCOR supplies the CRSWSC from two major water treatment plants, E.L. Smith and Rossdale, both located in the City of Edmonton and sourcing water from the North Saskatchewan River. The Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission maintains a strong focus on providing water transmission services. It is also the responsibility of the Commission to set standards and guidelines for participating municipalities regarding water quality and flow rates. The Commission works with municipal partners and the Capital Region Customer Group on long range planning and coordination. The Commission works with its members in monitoring for compliance with standards set out in the Alberta Environment Water Regulation as well as all Canadian Environmental Standards. A daily water quality report generated by EPCOR can be viewed here.

Capital region service map - may 2010

Membership and Governance Structure

Alberta Regulation, AR 292/84 created this Commission and was amended in 2009 by Order in Council 279/2009 to include new members, and that services be supplied “as required”, and that fees charged are based on full recovery of capital and operating costs, and that all members be charged a uniform rate. Section 15.1 of the Municipal Government Act (SA 194, Chapter 26.1) is legislation which governs Region Services Commissions.

The Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission membership was recently expanded in 2016 to include the Town of Millet as a new member municipality. The Commission provides water transmission services to its members listed below.


The Commission operates approximately 80km of water transmission pipeline of various sizes. The commission receives water from EPCOR via the Boundary Station located on the west side of Highway 2 at the boundary between Leduc County and the City of Edmonton. The Boundary Station is operated and maintained by the Commission. From this point, water is transmitted through our infrastructure to City of Leduc, Camrose County, Leduc County (including the Hamlet of New Sarepta), Town of Beaumont, Town of Calmar, the Village of Hay Lakes and the Town of Millet. In order to maintain a steady water supply, each customer receives water from the commission into their own independent fill stations (reservoirs) which are not operated by the CRSWSC. A map of the network can be seen below.

Crswsc - water transmission system 15 nov 2010